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NanHui Product Center
NanHui Product Center
Powerful manufacturer. Quality assurance
For customization, pls contact us: yoyo@nanhuichina.com  visketcup985@gmail.com
NanHui Defoamer Global Recruitment Agents
NanHui Defoamer Global Recruitment Agents
Modern Factory + Leading Research Institute + Professional Service
Contact Us : yoyo@nanhuichina.com  visketcup985@gmail.com
  • Source manufacturer of defoamer
  • Automated production process
  • 8000 square meters modern factory
  • Every barrel of defoamer can be traced back to the source of production
  • Sufficient and stable supply
  • Stable supply 5,000 tons per month
  • 1500 square meters warehouse, sufficient supply
  • Rich experience in defoaming
  • Foam control agent can be customized
  • Developed more than 4000 defoaming products
  • Has accumulated more than 30 industry defoaming solutions
  • Advanced R&D center
  • More than 20 chemical engineers
  • Complete qualifications, worry-free cooperation
  • ISO9001, MSDS, TDS, etc.
  • NanHui has complete import and export rights
  • If you need any other certificates, we can help you
  • Our business covers more than 30 countries
  • We have rich experience in import and export business
  • So far, our customers come from more than 30 countries
  • Including Asia, America, Africa, Middle East, Europe, Africa, etc.
General Defoaming Solution
General Defoaming Solution
Customized Solution
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