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  • water treatment defoamer
  • This reverse osmosis water treatment defoamer is made of polyether ester and produced by special technique, it’s a kind of non-silicone product, which is developed specially to solve foam problem for various kinds of biological water treatment systems.
  • defoamer pulp
  • The pulp deofamer is a new type of special defoamer for pulp, which is composed of special silicone polyether as the main material and is equipped with high-efficiency and good dispersibility additives. The notable feature is high temperature resistance and strong alkali resistance, rapid defoaming ...
  • oil defoamer
  • The oiliness silicone defoamer is organically modified polyxanthane, which has excellent defoaming and suppression foam ability. It is particularly suitable for oily coatings, inks, and plastic systems. In the aqueous system, high-speed stirring is required to add the defoamer.
  • water based defoamer
  • This product is a kind of high effective defoaming agent for high build coating, which is compound by various kinds of organics, it can well compatible with various kinds of foaming systems, and keeping effective foam control ability in a wide pH range during the production, packing and application ...
  • powder antifoam
  • The powder defoamer is made of special polyether alcohol ester as the main raw material, combined with a variety of active additives. This product is different from ordinary defoaming powder in: low dosage, strong defoaming and anti-foaming force, good water solubility, good dryness, high resistance...
  • TBP
  • Tributyl phosphate defoamer is developed as a plasticizer for nitrocellulose, cellulose acetate, chlorinated rubber and polyvinyl chloride, and an extractant for rare metals. It is soluble in a variety of organic solvents but insoluble in water. It can be used in a wide range of industries. Due to i...
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Why Choose NanHui
Why Choose NanHui
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  • Original genuine product, complete qualification
  • Cooperation with brand manufacturers, complete models, wide range of applications
  • Original brand MSDS/COA/TDS report, traceable from the original factory to the terminal
  • Original barrel, original label, original barcode
  • Adequate stock and large inventory storage capacity
  • Prompt delivery from China with perfect transportation channels
  • Million tons of defoamer shipped annually to ensure timely supply
  • 1500 square meters of warehouse space for various brands of defoamers
  • Cooperate with 80,000 enterprises in Europe and America
  • 99% customer recognition rate, with 30 international brands of defoamers
  • Provide online one-to-one service and technical support
  • Professional after-sales customer service team
  • Team 7*24 hours service and fast response to let you save your mind
  • Provide customers with product shipping conditions, returns and exchanges, feedback and complaint services
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If you are not satisfied with the effect
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